Net Neutrality – Don’t Trust Washington To Regulate Anything Else!

Since January 14, 2014, Demand Progress and other Internet activist groups have been sending e-mails and Tweets regarding a federal court decision. The court declared the FCC unable to regulate “net neutrality”.

To summarize “net neutrality”, I will quote my November 9, 2013 column “Are NSA Conspiracies A Conspiracy?”

Years ago, an issue called “net neutrality” was invented. This revolved around “discrimination” of inanimate Internet activities by ISPs, notably the slowing down of equipment-draining peer-to-peer traffic such as BitTorrent, which is usually (but not always) used for copyright infringement. Unless we passed these “net neutrality” laws, Internet service would become “tiered”, where only the major sites would be accessible to most customers while all other Web sites would cost more. The FCC started to implement net neutrality, though the Supreme Court declared them unable to pass these regulations without a new Congressional law. The issue seems to have faded away.

According to Fight For The Future, the FCC was able to get around this case through loopholes, but now cannot – unless the Internet is changed from “information service” into “telecommunication service”.

Remember the Bell System monopoly, the era of leased telephones, poor service, and “tiered” long-distance rates? When you fill out any of these petitions asking the FCC to switch ISPs into “private” utilities, you are trusting unelected bureaucrats to regulate Internet service providers in your interest.

In 2008, millions of Americans contracted “Obamamania”, that is, being gullible enough to believe that a politician can stand up to corporate interests, regulate away your problems, and make your life easier. Obama proceeded with billion-dollar subsidies and regulatory nightmares only the world’s most powerful corporations are exempt from. Bailouts, surveillance, Obamacare mandates, Common Core, and continuing the Second Gulf War until his Second Term Campaign began.

Now we have Demand Progress, Fight For The Future, and other pro-Internet groups encouraging signing of petitions, which would give even more regulatory power to the same Congress and President who are dedicated to removing every strain of freedom we can possibly have. Even worse, these organizations want to increase the regulatory power not of elected politicians, but unelected bureaucrats.

Remember the Digital TV switch? The reason for “converter boxes” was not only to decode the digital transmissions – all channels were moved to UHF and given new frequencies. The bill containing the mandate also included the creation of federally-run Internet service where the VHF channels used to be. Will the FCC rig the system so ISPs will be less “neutral” or otherwise appear crooked, unlike a censored, heavily-surveilled “free” and “public” Internet? The UN has long wanted to seize complete control over the Internet – will Russia, China, and Pakistan be the next “saviors”?

Corporations can at any time attempt to clean their image, while the US government deliberately ignores their dirt. Regarding lost business hours or antitrust concerns, it is much easier for smaller companies to bring charges against ISPs than to bring charges against the government, don’t you think?

The Internet encourages impulsive behaviors, including signing petitions without reading and thinking about them. Conservatives and libertarians, do not encourage the federal government to regulate anything else! Use your social media against this power grab by unelected bureaucrats, not for it!

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Volume V contains all columns on written from July 2013 through December 2013.

Download Volume V at the Internet Archive (link)

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What is OpenNIC and Why Should I Use It?

OpenNIC is a user-owned and user-run online non-profit democratic community providing DNS services freely to users world-wide. DNS, or the Domain Name Service, allows computers on a network to find where a website is hosted by simply searching the online digital phone book. This includes,,,, or any other website you want to find. These are called domains and are essentially how websites on the internet find and talk to each other.

OpenNIC provides facilities that allow any user around the world to find a whole new way of accessing the web, while retaining the ability the still access all those existing sites that you can right now. The OpenNIC difference though, is being free and providing internet freedom to its users.

The freedom to be able to access what you need, when you need it, without anyone or anything else to tell you that you can’t. Freedom is about not being censored, or having parts of the internet hidden on you. Government intervention need not apply.

Freedom is also about being adaptable. Many aspects of the current web are over saturated and it is being more and more difficult to find a way to set yourself apart from the others and show people that you matter. With OpenNIC, we have even more ways to express yourself on the web, such as new ways of finding websites, with new extensions like .free, .geek and .parody. At time of writing, these new extensions are provided free of cost for anyone who wishes to create a new domain using them, on a first come first served basis.

Freedom to have a say in the direction of the web. Some companies would probably love to hold the internet to ransom to exercise control of it, not to mention oppressive governments. OpenNIC is run and managed by its users and all attempts would need to pass a majority vote by its members. How likely do you think OpenNIC would let a company or government come in and lead it in a direction that offered no benefits and placed its users at a disadvantage? For users who enjoy personal freedoms and privacy and having a say in the way things are run, not very.

Freedom to keep your privacy. As detailed on the OpenNIC website, all DNS servers provide information about which country they are (so you can find the nearest one to your for optimal performance) and how much logging is done, so you know whether someone can track your DNS requests and make up an online profile about your web surfing habits or not.

But how hard it is to get access to OpenNIC’s facilities to implement them on your own network? Not very difficult at all, in fact, the project has provided several guides and tutorials showing step-by-step how to make the introduction of OpenNIC to your network as painless and hassle free as possible.

So make a visit to today to find out more about this amazing project that embraces user freedoms, helps bring control of the internet back to its users, assists in fighting back against oppressive governments and companies and says “no thank you” to internet censorship attempts.

"What is OpenNIC and Why Should I Use It?" was written by Martin A. Coleman on January 3, 2013. Coleman has dedicated this article to the public domain.

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The TPP and the War on Terror: End of the First Amendment

Much has been said about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a disturbing trade agreement which has been negotiated in secrecy from Bush II through Obama. Civil liberties groups such as the EFF, and even Congress itself, have been fighting to get in on this, but only leaked portions of the TPP are available. Most recently Wikileaks got the portions dealing with copyright law, the Internet, and drug patents.

While these anti-technology, pro-Dark-Ages provisions are dreadfully disturbing, there is an even more frightening aspect of the TPP which most are ignoring – the arbitration system. Corporations can not only use this system to “sue” each other, but can “sue” governments themselves, including on the grounds that trade is threatened in that country in some way. Any government who uses their laws, politicians, judges, and constitutions in defiance of the arbitration system can be fined and penalized with trade sanctions.

The UN disarmament treaty, in addition to civilian gun elimination, equalizes all nations’ militaries, crippling America’s military resources and improving Iran’s. When the UN disarmament treaty coexists with the TPP, all nations become equal and weak.

America is dependent on the international flow of oil. Without oil, there is no America. OPEC nations, most of which are terrorist sharia states or otherwise have a large Muslim influence, will be able to use the TPP to destroy the First Amendment.

Terrorist attacks and assassinations frequently occur after people insult Muslims or honestly portray Muhammad and the Quran. The Muhammad cartoons in Denmark, Geert Wilders’ movie Fitna, Theo Van Gogh’s movie Submission, the attempts to show and re-air images of Muhammad in South Park, and the subsequent Everybody Draw Muhammad Day campaign on Facebook, have all resulted in threats, injuries, murders, assasinations, and terrorist attacks, all committed by Muslims who want to destroy secular democratic republics and force their governments of dismemberment, castration, beheading, and stoning, on Israel and on all the world.

The TPP makes this brutality ever more possible. When an individual, company, or religious group living under a secular democratic republic exercises their rights to freedom of religion, speech, and the press in a way that offends Muslims, there will be assassinations, bombing of oil wells and oil fields, destruction of military equipment, and more.

These resources are owned by multinational corporations, who are loyal to no flag. Resources may be crucial to another government, as Iranian oil is to Russia. Those who speak the truth about Islam and the Quran, and their government, will be taken to the TPP’s tribunal. All of these people will be liable for the terrorists’ destruction of the resources, and will pay severely with their wallets, freedoms, and perhaps even their lives. In other words, if you criticize Islam, you will be a terrorist.

When discussing, debating, and analyzing part or all of the TPP, we need to go deeper into the consequences of surrendering America. So long as this arbitration system is left in place, all other provisions are irrelevant. With the TPP, there is absolutely no way to know what’s in it, whether we pass it or not.

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Abortion Mandate at the Supreme Court: How Obamacare Outlawed Catholicism

Obamacare is again at the Supreme Court. The parties in this suit are private businesses (including Hobby Lobby, Autocam, and Conestoga Wood Specialties) whose owners come from various Christian denominations which oppose abortion, artificial birth control, or both, and must now pay for these practices in their employees’ health insurance copays.

The Catholic Church, the world’s largest Christian denomination, has for centuries opposed both abortion and artificial birth control. Due to their large membership and financial and political influence, the Catholic Church has long been one of the most prominent figures when the sanctity of human life is in jeopardy.

Obamacare’s abortion mandate is of particular concern to Catholicism. Unlike other denominations of Christianity, the abortion mandate essentially outlaws Catholicism in the United States.

How does Obamacare outlaw Catholicism, you ask? To find out, we must first look at the structure of the Catholic Church.

Contrary to popular opinion, “the Catholic Church” is not directly run by the Pope. Catholicism is an apostolic denomination, meaning that all bishops are successors of the Apostles, with the Bishop of Rome (then St. Peter) as the leader. Dioceses, monasteries, and convents run their own schools, parishes, charities, hospitals, advocacy groups, and other organizations. The Pope may issue an order or otherwise get involved in a situation, and his decision is final, but otherwise Catholic institutions are autonomous. This is similar to the “United States are” government existing between 1789 (beginning of the current Constitution) and 1868 (ratification of the 14th Amendment and the beginning of “selective incorporation”)

Secondly, we must remember that in the Catholic faith, good works are a requirement, and as a result there are many viable charities, hospitals, and similar organizations run by Catholic clergy or by lay Catholics.

Finally, we must remember that Catholicism extends beyond the pews to the everyday lives of the faithful. This was emphasized and promoted by the council of Vatican II.

Thus with Obamacare, it not just clergy-run hospitals and charities, but businesses small and large which are run by individual Catholics, who must now propagate the Left’s genocide of the unwanted (abortion), against their will, against their faith. Unless the abortion mandate is overturned by the Supreme Court, Catholicism will be essentially outlawed in America.

The Supreme Court has done this before, namely with Rastafarianism and several American Indian tribal religions. Marijuana, peyote, and similar drugs are held to be sacred within these religions, and ceremonies which make use of them have been criminalized in the United States. Catholics have long rejected abortion and artificial birth control, and unless the Supreme Court overturns this mandate, Catholics will be forced against their will to promote these practices and engage in them.

The Left has been very successful in promoting alternative lifestyles through the media, political correctness, smear campaigns, personal attacks, and the education system. Banking on the likelihood of contracting herpes vs. dying of HIV/AIDS, schools no longer teach about sexually transmitted diseases – these are now mere “infections” which can be simply ignored. Cultural liberals who live and support alternative lifestyles would love to make abortion as trivial as a monthly checkup, and without the Catholic Church in their way, this is ever more possible.

Another cause for concern is Pope Francis. Having backtracked on his initial opposition to the homosexual agenda, Pope Francis has made several rather disturbing comments regarding the sanctity of life and traditional family values, including ordering bishops to stay silent on abortion, calling the Religious Right “mentally sick”, and now calling for outright socialism. Both extremely-free-market capitalism and socialist forms of government were condemned at Vatican II, and being a Church council, Vatican II’s condemnation of socialist government is infallible dogma. If the Supreme Court were to set the abortion mandate in stone, will Pope Francis stand up against Obamacare’s genocide of the unwanted, or will he continue his shady agenda to “reach out” to non-practicing Cafeteria Catholics? How will the rest of the Catholic clergy and lay Catholic institutions react to all of this? And how will other Christians, and all Americans, be affected?

We must hope, and pray, that the Supreme Court will not destroy Catholicism in America.

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Are NSA Conspiracies A Conspiracy?

In recent months, we have seen the reputation of the US government, both internationally and domestically, fall to new lows. Due in part to the President Obama and the NSA, the rest of the “free world” wants nothing to do with the United States, breaking long-standing assumptions about the democratic peace theory (that is, the theory that serious conflicts and wars between democratic nations are rare).

The NSA has received some bad press regarding their activity, which is illegal, as the NSA has no jurisdiction over domestic American activity. Yet the Mainstream Media 1.0 continues to paint whistleblower Edward Snowden as a “traitor” for merely exposing illegal activity. Yahoo, one of the many major corporations who cooperated with the NSA’s Mafioso behavior, claims they were threatened by the NSA to be deemed as “traitors” as well if they did not comply. Snowden now lives in exile, protected by the lip-service “free” country of Russia.

However, the NSA’s illegal activities are not recent news. Individual PRISM-like incidents have been exposed through the 90s and 2000s, and now-proven conspiracy theories filled in the gaps.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, when mass-market Internet access was in its infancy, the NSA attempted several times to promote a “Clipper chip” and “key escrow”, where all computers in the US would have a backdoor for law enforcement. The pre-neocon, then-free-market Republicans successfully fought Clinton and the NSA. The pre-9/11 small-government Republicans also deregulated munitions laws, and many of the forms of encryption backing what we enjoy today were allowed for individual and corporate use.

Some of you may remember, back in the late 90s, when your bank told you to upgrade your browser, based on “128-bit HTTPS” replacing “56-bit HTTPS”. This was due to the Data Encryption Standard (DES), which was developed by the NSA in the 1970s. Its invulnerability was considered scientific fact until it was cracked in 1999 in less than a day. The NSA continued to play catch-up with slightly-better security that led to a conspiracy theory – the NSA intentionally made things second-best. Thanks to Snowden, this has been proven true.

Also in 1999, a group of Canadian researchers discovered that since Windows 95, a Windows security file contained the mysterious English word “NSAKEY” among its secret computer code. Microsoft claimed that the English meant that the secret code complied with NSA standards. This created “another Microsoft conspiracy theory”. Thanks to Edward Snowden, this has been proven true.

TIA Logo

In 2002, Bush II began a program identical to PRISM called Total Information Awareness, known for its creepy “Illuminati style” logo. The program was supposedly shut down after complaints by members of Congress. Thanks to Edward Snowden, this has been proven false.

In 2005, “PRISM” as applied to the telephone companies, including AT&T and Verizon, was exposed. This made Bush II a felon, and various lawsuits against the telephone companies and the NSA were filed. Congress, including the “Impeach Bush” Democrats, granted all the guilty parties immunity, ending the lawsuits.

There are countless other examples going back as far as the 70s, above are simply the most notable ones. The NSA developed something new, and if you questioned the motives of the NSA, even when pointing out the NSA’s history or the reputations and connections of the people behind these developments, you were “paranoid”.

With all these examples over the past few decades, why is this only “proven fact” now? And why is the Mainstream Media 1.0 suddenly turning against the Obama administration?

Here is a new conspiracy theory for you.

In 1998, the Internet was deregulated from the Department of Defense to a trade group called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This largely secretive organization consists of the world’s major corporations. The ICANN distributes IP addresses (Numbers) to ISPs, Web hosts, and others. Some IP addresses have Assigned Names, which are the domain names such as,,,, and Domain name owners must use private arbitration for their disputes (such as trademark infringement claims), though this is nonbinding and can be appealed through your country’s court system.

The UN has long wanted their hands on the Internet. Promoting that the Internet be “for all countries” rather than “America’s evil interests” will ensure that Muslims, the Chinese government, Scandinavian liberals, and others can provide for censorship and destruction of “offensive” material.

Years ago, an issue called “net neutrality” was invented. This revolved around “discrimination” of inanimate Internet activities by ISPs, notably the slowing down of equipment-draining peer-to-peer traffic such as BitTorrent, which is usually (but not always) used for copyright infringement. Unless we passed these “net neutrality” laws, Internet service would become “tiered”, where only the major sites would be accessible to most customers while all other Web sites would cost more. The FCC started to implement net neutrality, though the Supreme Court declared them unable to pass these regulations without a new Congressional law. The issue seems to have faded away.

Is the Mainstream Media 1.0 suddenly attacking its hero, President Obama, digging up decades-old scandals and decades-old conspiracy theories, in order to sign away the Internet to the United Nations, getting rid of their mind-liberating, pocket-robbing, copyright-infringing menace once and for all?

Or is this just a paranoid conspiracy theory?

As with the NSA scandals, time will tell.

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Gun Confiscation, Sterilized Seeds & More – The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

For many years, conservatives have been pushing for a Constitutional Convention as a means of implementing the limited government we so desperately need in America now.

Constitutional Conventions are extremely dangerous. We will witness an America under neocon national socialism and unimaginable tyranny, possibly even worse than the hybrid-communism of China.

The original American government, the Articles of Confederation, was extremely limited in nature. Most notably, there was no room for a centralized American currency system. It was for this reason that the wealthy Federalists pushed for the Constitution, which dictated to the states what they could not do (including coining their own money and signing treaties). Many states were reluctant to join our Federalist America, and it was for this reason that these states had to be bribed by adding ten amendments (out of the twelve they requested) to it. As soon as the Constitution was ratified, the national bank was one of the first items on the agenda. Literal interpretation of the document may lead to a much more limited government than the “living Constitution” of today, but the Constitution is loaded with protectionism and is one of the banking industry’s greatest scams.

200+ years later, the wealthy elites have new agendas. New ideologies have developed since the late 1700s, most notably communism and fascism. Technology has improved as well, with stronger armies and stronger weapons. While medieval/royal interests remained during the ratification of the Constitution (represented in America by Hamilton), authorities could not instantly kill Wycliffe, Luther, and Voltaire with the click of a mouse.

If a Constitutional Convention was to take place, here are some of the nightmares we will have under a neocon America:

  1. No guns at all. The United Nations, through their Office for Disarmament Affairs, has long pushed for the elimination of all weapons from citizens, most recently through their “arms treaty” which Obama has signed and frequently attempts to ratify.
  2. Severely weakened American military, or no American military at all. This same UN arms treaty is pushing to equalize all nations’ military resources. Iran will have more military strength, and America will have less. There will also be room for foreign troops and foreign military drones. In the famous Kelo v. City of New London case, the Supreme Court declared eminent domain could be used to transfer property to private corporations – with this type of America, you can count on soldiers being indefinitely quartered in your home without a Third Amendment to stop it.
  3. Extremely crippled and financially inaccessible justice system. In America now, we have situations where industry is completely legally immune from anything they do, most notably natural gas fracking. Government agencies like the EPA, USDA, and FDA allow for preservatives, pesticides, and GMO foods, and restricting or penalizing speaking out against them – this is near-pure legal immunity for Big Pharma and Big Agribusiness as well. Malpractice reform, patent reform – you name it. Leaked drafts from the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty negotiations, carried out by Bush II, Obama, and special interests, is being criticized for its effect on copyright laws. However, it does much more – there will be an international tribunal for all corporations, and if any government attempts to subvert this tribunal, “any” including the United States, it will be hit with trade sanctions.
  4. Centralized education system. The words “education”, “school”, “student”, “learn”, and “teach” are not found anywhere in the US Constitution. After a Constitutional Convention, they will be.
  5. No “hate speech”. This includes anti-federal-government speech, which has already been defined as terrorism. Criticism of Islam, the Koran, or Muhammad will be criminalized.
  6. Sterilized seeds and national seed registries. Only government-approved and sterilized seeds will be allowed in America. This is true of post-Saddam Iraq due to the neocon Paul Bremer, and no doubt will be in a post-Constitutional-Convention neocon national socialist America.

Many are noting that their state is on the side of limited government. During a Constitutional Convention, they will not be. Just look at Occupy Wall Street Republicans like John Boehner, who promised a Tea Party version of the 1994 Republican Revolution, and immediately began firing fiscal conservatives from committees. During the recent government shutdown, Obama, Boehner, and only the Republicans Boehner approved held a secret meeting which led to funding Obamacare. Repeal of Obamacare will now be a recurring unfulfilled campaign promise.

It is no surprise that proven pseudocons like Mark Levin are writing books pushing for a Constitutional Convention.

A Constitutional Convention will destroy American liberty, create a Western China, give written powers to international agencies, and allow for regulation of everything imaginable. Do not fall into the neocon trap because other conservatives and libertarians think they can make America more free. For all you know, they are planning the opposite.

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