Gun Confiscation, Sterilized Seeds & More – The Dangers of a Constitutional Convention

For many years, conservatives have been pushing for a Constitutional Convention as a means of implementing the limited government we so desperately need in America now.

Constitutional Conventions are extremely dangerous. We will witness an America under neocon national socialism and unimaginable tyranny, possibly even worse than the hybrid-communism of China.

The original American government, the Articles of Confederation, was extremely limited in nature. Most notably, there was no room for a centralized American currency system. It was for this reason that the wealthy Federalists pushed for the Constitution, which dictated to the states what they could not do (including coining their own money and signing treaties). Many states were reluctant to join our Federalist America, and it was for this reason that these states had to be bribed by adding ten amendments (out of the twelve they requested) to it. As soon as the Constitution was ratified, the national bank was one of the first items on the agenda. Literal interpretation of the document may lead to a much more limited government than the “living Constitution” of today, but the Constitution is loaded with protectionism and is one of the banking industry’s greatest scams.

200+ years later, the wealthy elites have new agendas. New ideologies have developed since the late 1700s, most notably communism and fascism. Technology has improved as well, with stronger armies and stronger weapons. While medieval/royal interests remained during the ratification of the Constitution (represented in America by Hamilton), authorities could not instantly kill Wycliffe, Luther, and Voltaire with the click of a mouse.

If a Constitutional Convention was to take place, here are some of the nightmares we will have under a neocon America:

  1. No guns at all. The United Nations, through their Office for Disarmament Affairs, has long pushed for the elimination of all weapons from citizens, most recently through their “arms treaty” which Obama has signed and frequently attempts to ratify.
  2. Severely weakened American military, or no American military at all. This same UN arms treaty is pushing to equalize all nations’ military resources. Iran will have more military strength, and America will have less. There will also be room for foreign troops and foreign military drones. In the famous Kelo v. City of New London case, the Supreme Court declared eminent domain could be used to transfer property to private corporations – with this type of America, you can count on soldiers being indefinitely quartered in your home without a Third Amendment to stop it.
  3. Extremely crippled and financially inaccessible justice system. In America now, we have situations where industry is completely legally immune from anything they do, most notably natural gas fracking. Government agencies like the EPA, USDA, and FDA allow for preservatives, pesticides, and GMO foods, and restricting or penalizing speaking out against them – this is near-pure legal immunity for Big Pharma and Big Agribusiness as well. Malpractice reform, patent reform – you name it. Leaked drafts from the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty negotiations, carried out by Bush II, Obama, and special interests, is being criticized for its effect on copyright laws. However, it does much more – there will be an international tribunal for all corporations, and if any government attempts to subvert this tribunal, “any” including the United States, it will be hit with trade sanctions.
  4. Centralized education system. The words “education”, “school”, “student”, “learn”, and “teach” are not found anywhere in the US Constitution. After a Constitutional Convention, they will be.
  5. No “hate speech”. This includes anti-federal-government speech, which has already been defined as terrorism. Criticism of Islam, the Koran, or Muhammad will be criminalized.
  6. Sterilized seeds and national seed registries. Only government-approved and sterilized seeds will be allowed in America. This is true of post-Saddam Iraq due to the neocon Paul Bremer, and no doubt will be in a post-Constitutional-Convention neocon national socialist America.

Many are noting that their state is on the side of limited government. During a Constitutional Convention, they will not be. Just look at Occupy Wall Street Republicans like John Boehner, who promised a Tea Party version of the 1994 Republican Revolution, and immediately began firing fiscal conservatives from committees. During the recent government shutdown, Obama, Boehner, and only the Republicans Boehner approved held a secret meeting which led to funding Obamacare. Repeal of Obamacare will now be a recurring unfulfilled campaign promise.

It is no surprise that proven pseudocons like Mark Levin are writing books pushing for a Constitutional Convention.

A Constitutional Convention will destroy American liberty, create a Western China, give written powers to international agencies, and allow for regulation of everything imaginable. Do not fall into the neocon trap because other conservatives and libertarians think they can make America more free. For all you know, they are planning the opposite.

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Obama’s Blog-Burning Reich Begins

Sens. Feinstein and Schumer are planning to lead a federal blog-burning via a "media shield bill" which has just passed committee. Sen. Schumer is actually stating that the goal is to “[balance] the need for national security with that of a free press”.

Currently shield laws exist at the state level as a means of protecting journalists legally per journalism’s duty to report information to the general public. However, this federal non-”shield law” subjects every non-Mainstream Media 1.0 outlet to the mercy of Attorney General Eric Holder. Anything which Eric Hitler does not like can be shut down on demand.

The original language of the bill only applied to individuals who work for a company. Complaints by Matt Drudge led to an exemption in the event that primary sources are not released “without authorization”. In other words, all media in America will be forced to be biased in some way, and there will be no way to prove who is right.

When we were in school writing our papers, we learned that we should always rely on primary sources rather than secondary ones. No more. Obama’s nationwide “Common Core” will eliminate “the book report” and “the current events essay” as we know it, fulfilling the Marxist dream of direct management of all schools by a centralized Department of Education. This falls in line perfectly with the “memo” model of journalism most often associated with Fox News – direct management of information itself by the federal government.

Why do powerful people support control of information and suppression of information they do not like? The truth is, they do not. Censorship is not rooted in control, it is rooted in fear. Whether it be the MAFIAA’s fear of an over-saturated deflationary free market in entertainment, the Surveillance State’s fear of being caught in heinous criminal activity against their own citizens a la Saddam Hussein, or the neocon/liberal fear of small-government politicians and a pro-liberty press, censorship is based entirely on fear. Even the Religious Right’s argument for censoring sex, violence, and the seven dirty words is based on the fear that their children will grow into immorality.

And the establishment should fear. The book-burning dictators of the 20th century did not outlast liberty, and neither will the blog-burning dictators of the 21st. All tyrannical governments ultimately destroy themselves, and liberty is again restored. Information may be suppressed, but information cannot be shut down, and will not be shut down. Tyranny is temporary. The only way is liberty.

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A Third Tea Party: Possible, Realistic, and Easier Than You Think

During the pre-Palin days of the Tea Party Movement, the idea of a conservative third party was often discussed. Since the Tampa Purge of 2012, many have revisited this idea, most recently Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation.

A third party dedicated only to freedom and limited government has been attempted several times, and we do have the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, though like the Green Party, they have been restricted to local politics, and often lack ballot access.

This period of American history is marked by a large, oppressive, and violent federal government. We have many factions within the Republican Party that are fighting each other to gain more control over the others.

The Republican Primary of 2012, possibly the most bizarre primary election in the history of the United States, featured deliberately ignored districts, intimidation and blackmail of delegates, physical assault against delegates, “secret caucuses”, fraudulently detoured transportation, obvious plants in presidential campaigns, strangely dismissed court cases, and much more horrible things we will probably never know. In addition, our elected delegates in future primaries and caucuses can now be replaced, at any time, by the Republican National Committee.

As a result, many are again questioning whether we are better off in a third party than fighting at all. Neocons want nothing to do with anyone who won’t obey them to the grave, and this includes all free-market libertarians, religious conservatives, and all similar groups that find common ground in the Tea Party Movement.

Starting a Third Tea Party is a very bad idea, and will cause freedom to dissipate and die into a medieval America built on endless wars, dumbed-down schools, illegal immigration, and socialist national health care.

However, it does not have to be a bad idea. Many state and county divisions of the Republican Party are increasingly frustrated in their fight against the neocons. By having their own “secret meetings”, it would be very easy for entire state parties to “secede” from the national Republican Party and form a Third Tea Party.

With entire states and counties gone, the Republican Party loses its presence. Neocons then have to spend the money not on weapons and wars, but on rebuilding the Republican Party – money, manpower, lobbying, propaganda, and more. For their presence has just vanished from a state with only two parties on the ballot: the Democratic Party and the Third Tea Party. If the Republican Party is not successfully re-created in that state, there will be no possible Republican vote from that state in any national election.

Unlike, say, a state Libertarian Party struggling to stay on the ballot, the Third Tea Party will already be on the ballot, and have most or all of the funding, politicians, lobbyists, votes, and resources the state Republican Party used to have.

A Third Tea Party would have no room for the neocons who attempted to destroy it. The only financially viable option for the neocons would be to bail and join the party of Big Government, that is, the Democratic Party. From then on, there would be a new two party system – the Tea Party, which would support freedom, and the Democratic Party, which does not.

It is dangerous for the Tea Party to attempt to start a new party. It would be divisive, devastating, and throw America to the wolves. It is possible, however, for liberty-minded states and their Republican Parties to “secede” from the national party. Either way, all those involved in politics must remember that America is not built on the Republican or Democratic Parties, but on the Constitution.

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Barack Hussein Obama: The New Leader of Al Qaeda

(This column was written and published on September 10, 2013, and is dedicated to the victims and families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, occurring 12 years ago from tomorrow)

9/11 WTC South Tower

On September 11, 2001, Americans watched thousands of fellow Americans murdered on domestic soil in a series of bloody terrorist attacks. The offenders, Al Qaeda, have been targeted by the US government since then, and their leader, Osama Bin Laden, was allegedly killed and disposed of in a classified funeral.

Assuming Bin Laden actually has been killed, Obama has taken Osama’s place as Al Qaeda’s most powerful representative. He continues to push for war in Syria, fighting alongside mass-murdering terrorist groups Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, who Osama Obama believes are America’s greatest allies.

John McCain, whose positions on war, executive power, and surveillance are 100% in agreement with a future Biblical Antichrist, is now promoting his blasphemous beliefs that Muslim terrorist threats are equivalent to a Christian thanking God.

This is treason. How can our own President fund, promote, and support terrorist attacks by mass murderers who killed Americans on domestic soil?

Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain, and every other politician who supports war with Syria is guilty of the deaths of all people the Obama/Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Three-Way Pact kill. And all of these deaths are equivalent to an additional American being killed on 9/11.

Navy Soldier Against Syrian War

Obama, who has from the beginning sided with sharia theocracies, needs to be impeached immediately. Senators must be recalled (Arizona is among the states that allow for this, with Flake and McCain both supporting war in Syria). Representatives must be challenged in primaries. Tea Party protests, Occupy Wall Street protests, and every protest in between must be omnipresent and unavoidable. Everything possible must be done to remove Al Qaeda Republicans and Muslim Brotherhood Democrats from Congress. We cannot allow for this.

Imagine what will happen in 6 years when our 12-year-old children born in 2001 earn their right to vote. What will be Al Qaeda’s role in politics? Will American voters completely forget about terrorist attacks? Will minor anti-war protests be the only challenge to Al Qaeda Republicans and Muslim Brotherhood Democrats?

The treasonous foreign policy of Obama and McCain must be stopped. If it is not stopped, domestic terrorist attacks will be commonplace, and as we go further from 9/11, more Americans will be of voting age, and terrorist attacks will become mere nightly news blurbs.

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Communism Is The Cutting Edge

One of Karl Marx’s key selling points of the communist ideology was that it was a progression in the history of economics – mercantilism, then capitalism, then socialism, then communism.

We have, and are, seeing Marx’s prophecy come true.

During the 20th century, beginning after the 1910s, the size and scope of government grew, through taxation, regulation, legislation, and government services. A popular essay which circulates the Internet describes how all ten planks found in Communist Manifesto are present in the United States.

In the 21st century, beginning in the 2010s, we are seeing communism itself coming into fruition – communism being the complete lack of private property. This communism is being done under the guise of convenience and cutting-edge technology. Through the popularity of subscription services and cloud computing, we are on the edge of the largest voluntary surrender of private property in human history.

As of August 7th, 2013,’s Kindle service offers 600,000 books that cost less than $4.99 each, and over one million that cost less $9.99 each. This includes 180,000 books that are exclusive to Kindle. Public domain books are available for free, but like all Kindle books, they cannot be printed, changed, or resold for free or charge as public domain works normally are. In addition, can (and has) remotely disabled any books “purchased” via Kindle – you do not own these books, you license them, and they are found in the Kindle cloud, not on your devices.

One million books at $9.99, 600,000 books at $4.99, and millions of public domain works “for free” total almost $13,000,000 of private property in the hands of Amazon, an amount which would be otherwise multiplied trillions of times in physical books. And prices through this century will no doubt rise with inflation and currency devaluation.

Services such as Netflix and iTunes take advantage of the similar “convenience” of massive voluntary surrender of private property. Instead of owning audiovisual media (much of which has since been redesigned with crippling copyright controls), no such media has been pressed, leaving the entertainment which enhances our lives and creativity in the hands of two companies.

Yes, these are private companies, not the government. However, governments from Pakistan to the United States continue to conspire with these companies to censor and alter these technologies to their best interests, as well as spy on the financial information and personal preferences of these customers. It is now far more “convenient” for the UN to seize all the world’s books from Amazon and all the world’s music from Apple than it was for FDR to seize gold bullion from millions of American individuals. And just as the perjury of Clinton led to the lies of Bush II, it is only a matter of decades before desensitization makes such actions possible. Communism is truly the cutting edge.

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Why Retirees And Veterans Should Be The Whistleblowers

Over the past few years, we have seen whistleblowing showing the corruption of the US government going back to at least the days of Bush I, including proof of the Glaspie memo, where the US government deliberately baited Saddam Hussein into attacking Kuwait in order to begin the First Gulf War of 1990.

Other dirty deeds uncovered include poor decision-making with regard to attacking civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan; the reckless, criminal, and disgustingly unconstitutional behavior of the NSA; and the use of trade agreements to pressure other countries into choosing Microsoft and Monsanto products.

The faction of Americans who support imprisonment and/or death of people such as Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden are veterans and older Americans. Their emphasis on patriotism and national defense tends to lead them into supporting Washington on such matters.

These whistleblowers give an image which is sure to turn the older generations off – they tend to be younger. “Angry young men”, who tend to be apathetic, selfish, unpatriotic, lack religion and morality, and overdosed with iDistractions. Assange is in his early 40s, and Manning and Snowden are in their 20s.

What we need are people who have retired from government jobs, and those who are veterans of the military, to be the whistleblowers in our country. Older Americans need to be shown that they – the patriotic and moral – are the main victims of the Washington establishment.

The US government has done a far better job attacking freedom than it has done attacking terrorism. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what political or religious beliefs you hold – the government is watching everyone and taking names. Let’s make whistleblowing look more like the patriotism it truly is.

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