Internet Sales Tax: If Republicans Can Defy The Supreme Court, Why Not On Abortion?

The Internet Sales Tax proposal, backed by (often-rightfully) dying brick-and-mortar establishments and bloated state governments, will force any individual or business who sells a product online to collect sales taxes in any jurisdiction. There are 9,600 state and local systems of taxation which any individual who wishes to sell a product online will have to comprehend, and the consumers of online products will pay.

In 1992, the Supreme Court ruled in Quill Corps v. North Dakota that Internet sales taxes can only be levied if the seller has a physical presence in the same state as the buyer.

In defiance of the Supreme Court, both Democrats and Republicans are promoting the “Marketplace ‘Fairness’ Act”, appealing to the “fairness” promoted by liberals and Occupy Wall Street protesters (along the lines of “fair trade” and “Fairness Doctrine”). Supporters of the Left’s concept of “fairness” are also exploiting nostalgic feelings of “your favorite store”, which are among the numerous anti-capitalist tactics the Hollywood Mafia has used to outlaw, attempt to outlaw, or regulate in their favor every new technology since the piano roll.

In the past, Congress sought constitutional amendments when the Supreme Court ruled something unconstitutional. This is why we have a Sixteenth Amendment – the Supreme Court ruled in 1895 that direct income tax was unconstitutional, and a change was required to add that ability to the federal government.

As if Washington’s epidemic of selective enforcement of self-interpreted laws wasn’t bad enough, never mind their blatant disregard for freedom in general, Congress is now, in the same vein as the Russian government’s permitting perpetual terms for Putin, defying the Supreme Court and the Constitution.

But if Republicans are to defy the Supreme Court on a taxation issue, why not defy the Supreme Court on their sanctioned genocide of millions of unwanted American individuals, that is, abortion?

Abortion has killed over 53 million individuals, a death toll equivalent to at least eight Holocausts. Republicans have promised for decades to outlaw this domestic genocide, yet have only given conservatives a few breadcrumbs.

Why are Republicans allowing this? Because Republican politicians are all pro-choice. The medical establishment, which funds all politicians of both parties, supports abortion. Big Pharma gets more money for every individual they abort, in the same manner that technologically incompetent retailers make money with every new item they sell. And just like Occupy Wall Street’s “Fairness” taxes, legalized abortion and its accompanying lie of “freedom of choice” enables Big Pharma to make more money.

Republican politicians are some of the most vocal promoters of abortion, and many fall victim to their tricks. Here are several of the tricks Republican politicians use to mislead Republican voters:

  1. Trade Agreements Are Only About Trade. Notice how Latin American countries have been legalizing abortion one-by-one in recent years? We have Bush II’s CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement), supported by Bush II’s bicameral Republican Congress, to thank for this.
  2. “Repeal Roe v Wade” (or, the Paul Family Con). Here we have people like Ron & Rand Paul who claim to be pro-life, but want abortion to be a “states’ rights issue”. Like slavery, states would decide who qualifies as a full, partial, or non-person, and like Jim Crow, who would be separate and who would be equal.
  3. Establishment Platform Plank Scam. Popular among Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and others in the Republican elite who have the final say in the Republican platform. Here legalized abortion is encouraged in cases of rape or incest. In other words, legalizing the killing of an individual when the individual’s birth and/or any associated consequences are unwanted – the pro-choice justification for legalizing all abortions.
  4. Catholic District Doublespeak. “I’m pro-life but the woman should decide”, “I will vote pro-life regardless of my personal views”, etc. This garbage has long been popular among Democrats, and now Republicans are starting to pull this too.
  5. Hidden Gas Chambers. This involves legislation to make abortion more “humane”, as how the electric chair was replaced by the gas chambers. Examples include banning only partial-birth abortions and pumping in anesthesia before the abortion.

America is on a dangerous path, and if Congress and the President are allowed to defy the Supreme Court by fiat, America will become a nightmare. If our anti-new-company, anti-individual-freedom government will be using Occupy Wall Street “fairness” tactics to make the American economy less free, tomorrow it can be Putin-style infinite terms and Chinese-style amputation of rebellious workers’ arms.

And if it must be this way, we must demand that Republican politicians outlaw abortion, or they will be exposed as pro-choice liars, which intelligent Republican voters know they already are.

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