Net Neutrality – Don’t Trust Washington To Regulate Anything Else!

Since January 14, 2014, Demand Progress and other Internet activist groups have been sending e-mails and Tweets regarding a federal court decision. The court declared the FCC unable to regulate “net neutrality”.

To summarize “net neutrality”, I will quote my November 9, 2013 column “Are NSA Conspiracies A Conspiracy?”

Years ago, an issue called “net neutrality” was invented. This revolved around “discrimination” of inanimate Internet activities by ISPs, notably the slowing down of equipment-draining peer-to-peer traffic such as BitTorrent, which is usually (but not always) used for copyright infringement. Unless we passed these “net neutrality” laws, Internet service would become “tiered”, where only the major sites would be accessible to most customers while all other Web sites would cost more. The FCC started to implement net neutrality, though the Supreme Court declared them unable to pass these regulations without a new Congressional law. The issue seems to have faded away.

According to Fight For The Future, the FCC was able to get around this case through loopholes, but now cannot – unless the Internet is changed from “information service” into “telecommunication service”.

Remember the Bell System monopoly, the era of leased telephones, poor service, and “tiered” long-distance rates? When you fill out any of these petitions asking the FCC to switch ISPs into “private” utilities, you are trusting unelected bureaucrats to regulate Internet service providers in your interest.

In 2008, millions of Americans contracted “Obamamania”, that is, being gullible enough to believe that a politician can stand up to corporate interests, regulate away your problems, and make your life easier. Obama proceeded with billion-dollar subsidies and regulatory nightmares only the world’s most powerful corporations are exempt from. Bailouts, surveillance, Obamacare mandates, Common Core, and continuing the Second Gulf War until his Second Term Campaign began.

Now we have Demand Progress, Fight For The Future, and other pro-Internet groups encouraging signing of petitions, which would give even more regulatory power to the same Congress and President who are dedicated to removing every strain of freedom we can possibly have. Even worse, these organizations want to increase the regulatory power not of elected politicians, but unelected bureaucrats.

Remember the Digital TV switch? The reason for “converter boxes” was not only to decode the digital transmissions – all channels were moved to UHF and given new frequencies. The bill containing the mandate also included the creation of federally-run Internet service where the VHF channels used to be. Will the FCC rig the system so ISPs will be less “neutral” or otherwise appear crooked, unlike a censored, heavily-surveilled “free” and “public” Internet? The UN has long wanted to seize complete control over the Internet – will Russia, China, and Pakistan be the next “saviors”?

Corporations can at any time attempt to clean their image, while the US government deliberately ignores their dirt. Regarding lost business hours or antitrust concerns, it is much easier for smaller companies to bring charges against ISPs than to bring charges against the government, don’t you think?

The Internet encourages impulsive behaviors, including signing petitions without reading and thinking about them. Conservatives and libertarians, do not encourage the federal government to regulate anything else! Use your social media against this power grab by unelected bureaucrats, not for it!

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  6. So net “neutrality” says the government determines how much bandwidth I can buy? We used to call that “rationing”.

    The only possible harm to consumers from ISPs selling more bandwidth to companies with more bucks comes from ISP monopolies – where you have only one choice of ISP. Otherwise, if your ISP was under performing for your application, you would simply shop for a new one. These monopolies are generally enforced by the government.

    Once again, government offers to “solve” the problems government creates.