Abortion Mandate at the Supreme Court: How Obamacare Outlawed Catholicism

Obamacare is again at the Supreme Court. The parties in this suit are private businesses (including Hobby Lobby, Autocam, and Conestoga Wood Specialties) whose owners come from various Christian denominations which oppose abortion, artificial birth control, or both, and must now pay for these practices in their employees’ health insurance copays.

The Catholic Church, the world’s largest Christian denomination, has for centuries opposed both abortion and artificial birth control. Due to their large membership and financial and political influence, the Catholic Church has long been one of the most prominent figures when the sanctity of human life is in jeopardy.

Obamacare’s abortion mandate is of particular concern to Catholicism. Unlike other denominations of Christianity, the abortion mandate essentially outlaws Catholicism in the United States.

How does Obamacare outlaw Catholicism, you ask? To find out, we must first look at the structure of the Catholic Church.

Contrary to popular opinion, “the Catholic Church” is not directly run by the Pope. Catholicism is an apostolic denomination, meaning that all bishops are successors of the Apostles, with the Bishop of Rome (then St. Peter) as the leader. Dioceses, monasteries, and convents run their own schools, parishes, charities, hospitals, advocacy groups, and other organizations. The Pope may issue an order or otherwise get involved in a situation, and his decision is final, but otherwise Catholic institutions are autonomous. This is similar to the “United States are” government existing between 1789 (beginning of the current Constitution) and 1868 (ratification of the 14th Amendment and the beginning of “selective incorporation”)

Secondly, we must remember that in the Catholic faith, good works are a requirement, and as a result there are many viable charities, hospitals, and similar organizations run by Catholic clergy or by lay Catholics.

Finally, we must remember that Catholicism extends beyond the pews to the everyday lives of the faithful. This was emphasized and promoted by the council of Vatican II.

Thus with Obamacare, it not just clergy-run hospitals and charities, but businesses small and large which are run by individual Catholics, who must now propagate the Left’s genocide of the unwanted (abortion), against their will, against their faith. Unless the abortion mandate is overturned by the Supreme Court, Catholicism will be essentially outlawed in America.

The Supreme Court has done this before, namely with Rastafarianism and several American Indian tribal religions. Marijuana, peyote, and similar drugs are held to be sacred within these religions, and ceremonies which make use of them have been criminalized in the United States. Catholics have long rejected abortion and artificial birth control, and unless the Supreme Court overturns this mandate, Catholics will be forced against their will to promote these practices and engage in them.

The Left has been very successful in promoting alternative lifestyles through the media, political correctness, smear campaigns, personal attacks, and the education system. Banking on the likelihood of contracting herpes vs. dying of HIV/AIDS, schools no longer teach about sexually transmitted diseases – these are now mere “infections” which can be simply ignored. Cultural liberals who live and support alternative lifestyles would love to make abortion as trivial as a monthly checkup, and without the Catholic Church in their way, this is ever more possible.

Another cause for concern is Pope Francis. Having backtracked on his initial opposition to the homosexual agenda, Pope Francis has made several rather disturbing comments regarding the sanctity of life and traditional family values, including ordering bishops to stay silent on abortion, calling the Religious Right “mentally sick”, and now calling for outright socialism. Both extremely-free-market capitalism and socialist forms of government were condemned at Vatican II, and being a Church council, Vatican II’s condemnation of socialist government is infallible dogma. If the Supreme Court were to set the abortion mandate in stone, will Pope Francis stand up against Obamacare’s genocide of the unwanted, or will he continue his shady agenda to “reach out” to non-practicing Cafeteria Catholics? How will the rest of the Catholic clergy and lay Catholic institutions react to all of this? And how will other Christians, and all Americans, be affected?

We must hope, and pray, that the Supreme Court will not destroy Catholicism in America.

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  2. Laverne Q. Frost says:

    The groups want the mandate halted while the court considers a legal challenge brought by the Little Sisters and other religious groups. Their challenge is separate from one brought by for-profit company Hobby Lobby and a Pennsylvania woodworking company that says it’s against the religious beliefs of the owners to provide birth control.

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