Are NSA Conspiracies A Conspiracy?

In recent months, we have seen the reputation of the US government, both internationally and domestically, fall to new lows. Due in part to the President Obama and the NSA, the rest of the “free world” wants nothing to do with the United States, breaking long-standing assumptions about the democratic peace theory (that is, the theory that serious conflicts and wars between democratic nations are rare).

The NSA has received some bad press regarding their activity, which is illegal, as the NSA has no jurisdiction over domestic American activity. Yet the Mainstream Media 1.0 continues to paint whistleblower Edward Snowden as a “traitor” for merely exposing illegal activity. Yahoo, one of the many major corporations who cooperated with the NSA’s Mafioso behavior, claims they were threatened by the NSA to be deemed as “traitors” as well if they did not comply. Snowden now lives in exile, protected by the lip-service “free” country of Russia.

However, the NSA’s illegal activities are not recent news. Individual PRISM-like incidents have been exposed through the 90s and 2000s, and now-proven conspiracy theories filled in the gaps.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, when mass-market Internet access was in its infancy, the NSA attempted several times to promote a “Clipper chip” and “key escrow”, where all computers in the US would have a backdoor for law enforcement. The pre-neocon, then-free-market Republicans successfully fought Clinton and the NSA. The pre-9/11 small-government Republicans also deregulated munitions laws, and many of the forms of encryption backing what we enjoy today were allowed for individual and corporate use.

Some of you may remember, back in the late 90s, when your bank told you to upgrade your browser, based on “128-bit HTTPS” replacing “56-bit HTTPS”. This was due to the Data Encryption Standard (DES), which was developed by the NSA in the 1970s. Its invulnerability was considered scientific fact until it was cracked in 1999 in less than a day. The NSA continued to play catch-up with slightly-better security that led to a conspiracy theory – the NSA intentionally made things second-best. Thanks to Snowden, this has been proven true.

Also in 1999, a group of Canadian researchers discovered that since Windows 95, a Windows security file contained the mysterious English word “NSAKEY” among its secret computer code. Microsoft claimed that the English meant that the secret code complied with NSA standards. This created “another Microsoft conspiracy theory”. Thanks to Edward Snowden, this has been proven true.

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In 2002, Bush II began a program identical to PRISM called Total Information Awareness, known for its creepy “Illuminati style” logo. The program was supposedly shut down after complaints by members of Congress. Thanks to Edward Snowden, this has been proven false.

In 2005, “PRISM” as applied to the telephone companies, including AT&T and Verizon, was exposed. This made Bush II a felon, and various lawsuits against the telephone companies and the NSA were filed. Congress, including the “Impeach Bush” Democrats, granted all the guilty parties immunity, ending the lawsuits.

There are countless other examples going back as far as the 70s, above are simply the most notable ones. The NSA developed something new, and if you questioned the motives of the NSA, even when pointing out the NSA’s history or the reputations and connections of the people behind these developments, you were “paranoid”.

With all these examples over the past few decades, why is this only “proven fact” now? And why is the Mainstream Media 1.0 suddenly turning against the Obama administration?

Here is a new conspiracy theory for you.

In 1998, the Internet was deregulated from the Department of Defense to a trade group called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This largely secretive organization consists of the world’s major corporations. The ICANN distributes IP addresses (Numbers) to ISPs, Web hosts, and others. Some IP addresses have Assigned Names, which are the domain names such as,,,, and Domain name owners must use private arbitration for their disputes (such as trademark infringement claims), though this is nonbinding and can be appealed through your country’s court system.

The UN has long wanted their hands on the Internet. Promoting that the Internet be “for all countries” rather than “America’s evil interests” will ensure that Muslims, the Chinese government, Scandinavian liberals, and others can provide for censorship and destruction of “offensive” material.

Years ago, an issue called “net neutrality” was invented. This revolved around “discrimination” of inanimate Internet activities by ISPs, notably the slowing down of equipment-draining peer-to-peer traffic such as BitTorrent, which is usually (but not always) used for copyright infringement. Unless we passed these “net neutrality” laws, Internet service would become “tiered”, where only the major sites would be accessible to most customers while all other Web sites would cost more. The FCC started to implement net neutrality, though the Supreme Court declared them unable to pass these regulations without a new Congressional law. The issue seems to have faded away.

Is the Mainstream Media 1.0 suddenly attacking its hero, President Obama, digging up decades-old scandals and decades-old conspiracy theories, in order to sign away the Internet to the United Nations, getting rid of their mind-liberating, pocket-robbing, copyright-infringing menace once and for all?

Or is this just a paranoid conspiracy theory?

As with the NSA scandals, time will tell.

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