Barack Hussein Obama: The New Leader of Al Qaeda

(This column was written and published on September 10, 2013, and is dedicated to the victims and families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, occurring 12 years ago from tomorrow)

9/11 WTC South Tower

On September 11, 2001, Americans watched thousands of fellow Americans murdered on domestic soil in a series of bloody terrorist attacks. The offenders, Al Qaeda, have been targeted by the US government since then, and their leader, Osama Bin Laden, was allegedly killed and disposed of in a classified funeral.

Assuming Bin Laden actually has been killed, Obama has taken Osama’s place as Al Qaeda’s most powerful representative. He continues to push for war in Syria, fighting alongside mass-murdering terrorist groups Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, who Osama Obama believes are America’s greatest allies.

John McCain, whose positions on war, executive power, and surveillance are 100% in agreement with a future Biblical Antichrist, is now promoting his blasphemous beliefs that Muslim terrorist threats are equivalent to a Christian thanking God.

This is treason. How can our own President fund, promote, and support terrorist attacks by mass murderers who killed Americans on domestic soil?

Barack Hussein Obama, John McCain, and every other politician who supports war with Syria is guilty of the deaths of all people the Obama/Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood Three-Way Pact kill. And all of these deaths are equivalent to an additional American being killed on 9/11.

Navy Soldier Against Syrian War

Obama, who has from the beginning sided with sharia theocracies, needs to be impeached immediately. Senators must be recalled (Arizona is among the states that allow for this, with Flake and McCain both supporting war in Syria). Representatives must be challenged in primaries. Tea Party protests, Occupy Wall Street protests, and every protest in between must be omnipresent and unavoidable. Everything possible must be done to remove Al Qaeda Republicans and Muslim Brotherhood Democrats from Congress. We cannot allow for this.

Imagine what will happen in 6 years when our 12-year-old children born in 2001 earn their right to vote. What will be Al Qaeda’s role in politics? Will American voters completely forget about terrorist attacks? Will minor anti-war protests be the only challenge to Al Qaeda Republicans and Muslim Brotherhood Democrats?

The treasonous foreign policy of Obama and McCain must be stopped. If it is not stopped, domestic terrorist attacks will be commonplace, and as we go further from 9/11, more Americans will be of voting age, and terrorist attacks will become mere nightly news blurbs.

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