True Hate In The Immigration Bill

The Gang of Eight’s immigration bill, currently under way in Congress, was to feature a biometric-based national ID card, required for any American to work. This proposal would require employers to scan these national ID cards, placing information into a databased owned by the federal government. Without this national ID card, no one would be able to work in the United States.

As Ron Paul points out, this may eventually be required for all Americans to make a purchase. This possibility brings to mind the biblical Book of Revelation, where under the reign of the Antichrist, “no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark” (Rev 13:17 KJV).

The amendment to the bill which contained this proposal failed to pass, but Sen. Marco Rubio intends to fight for the biometric national ID once the bill reaches the floor.

Republicans in Congress, eager to encourage and protect modern “Mexican-American Slavery” for their large corporate donors, always hop aboard these occasional “immigration bills” using marketing slogans like “a path to citizenship” to keep people in slavery a little while longer.

If these RINOs did indeed care about minorities, they would publicly acknowledge our modern “Mexican-American Slavery” and fight it, not promote it.

Republicans are constantly accused of racism and hate, most notably by the Mainstream Media 1.0. “Path to Citizenship” proposals are thus politically healthy. But what does creating a national federal database of all Americans’ fingerprints, DNA, and the like have to do with racism? Even the KKK believes in liberty for white people only, while Washington hates and destroys liberty for all – how “free country” is that?

During Bush II’s post-9/11 laws which decreased freedom in the name of national security, many quoted Ben Franklin’s statement that “those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Since Obama was elected, freedom has been given up in the name of access to health care and fighting bullying and obesity. Likewise, Americans need to stop falling for, or pretending to support, the belief that fighting discrimination is more important than fighting for freedom.

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