On Capitalism & Meat

On February 1st, 2013, DNA tests on hamburgers manufactured for businesses in the UK and Ireland, including many which were manufactured for Burger King, proved that they contained trace amounts of horse DNA.

Two weeks later, Fox News carried an article debating health and other issues regarding the consumption of horse meat.

Capitalism, in its purest libertarian form, allows for manufacture, consumption, and genetic manipulation of any food or drug. This not only allows for eating any form of meat (less humans), but also allows for genetically-modified organisms, growth hormones, various chemical poisons, and other unhealthy material in our food, provided nobody involved is engaging in force or fraud.

Eating horse meat disturbs most Americans, as does eating other “pet” animals like cat and dog (which are popular in parts of Asia). For this reason, there is no need for regulation in this country prohibiting buying, selling, or eating these foods, as such a small minority of people (if any) would want such a thing. While some states do have such laws, our sense of civilization prevents the need for a new law. Remember that each new law subtracts at least one freedom, and every law is almost always accompanied by vaguely-related special interest baggage which is much more harmful to ourselves and our country than any culturally unpopular form of meat.

The lack of demand for laws outlawing socially unacceptable forms of meat further supports the fact that America can survive without being an over-regulating Nanny State. Capitalism lets you choose your food. Your Nanny does not.

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