Et Tu, Brute: A Wake-Up Call For The Catholic Church

Since at least 1891, when Pope Leo XIII released Rerum Novarum, the Catholic Church has promoted a mixed market economy, with a large role for government regulations, welfare programs, and labor unions. These views were dogmatized, with the responsibility extended more to lay people, by the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s.

Now we are seeing the effects of the Catholic Church’s faith in government regulation and welfare programs. Having faith in the Democratic Party to represent the Catholic Church’s interests, the American bishops are convinced that government can solve the nation’s problems.

With Obamacare coming into its fullest extent next year, the atheism, homosexuality, and abortion promoted for decades by the Democratic Party has come back to hurt Catholic institutions. The bishops in this country were somehow convinced they could win back the Democratic Party on social policy. Now all Catholic institutions in America are victims of the Democratic Party, being forced to obey the Democratic Party instead of peacefully following Catholicism.

As we conservatives and libertarians know, government is inherently evil by nature, and politicians will never truly regulate in the interests of the poor. If government does print money out of thin air, it will always be in its own interests, as we have seen in recent years with theft of American taxpayer money to for-profit foreign corporations under the marketing slogan of “too big to fail”.

The Catholic clergy should give up trying to convince the anti-Christian Left to all become Catholic, and instead join us here on the Right. There’s plenty of room on the Right for charity, and you don’t have to steal for it. Labor unions are also compatible with the Right when joining one is voluntary. Such labor unions would allow for self-regulation, and the threat of a lawsuit could also encourage ethical behavior (the latter was promoted by Reagan-era economist Milton Friedman). Having the Catholic Church on our side would make a free-market economy more just, kinder, and much more effective and efficient.

With statism, you are a servant of the state. With religion, you are a servant of God.

It is time for all Catholics to take a second look at the role of government in society and the economy. It should be obvious by now that putting your confidence in man can only damage Christianity, and putting your trust in the Lord will enhance it.

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