By Any Other Name: A Disturbing Trend Within The GOP

As is the case in Europe, abortion is slowly becoming an acceptable and non-controversial contraceptive practice in the United States. While this was always the case for Democrats and RINOs such as Mitt Romney and Chris Christie, people such as John McCain and Ron Paul have been promoting for years the idea that abortion is a “states’ rights” issue. As was the case with the enslavement of African-Americans, personhood would be decided by state.

Many Republicans point to the fact that violent crimes – such as theft, rape, and murder – are violations of state, not federal, law. Like slavery, these Republicans claim that personhood would be a subjective interpretation by a state government.

There are several flaws with this covert attempt by the pro-Big-Pharma GOP to keep abortion legal:

  • States are guaranteed a republican form of government. A republican form of government cannot be re-interpreted to create a Muslim theocracy, the lack of a judicial branch, or a royal family.
  • Rape is rape. A state cannot decide that rape by police officers is not a rape.
  • Theft is theft. A state cannot define private property. It can invoke eminent domain powers, but it is still an exchange of property, not the beginning of socialism and subsequent invasion by a state-run Red Army.
  • Slavery is slavery. Under slavery, blacks were property of whites, forced to work with no pay, and they were beaten, raped, and killed.
  • Murder is murder. While most people define murder as killing, murder is technically defined as the killing of the innocent.

States enforce violent crimes, but they cannot define violent crimes.

Roe v. Wade, decided 40 years ago this year, nationalized obvious and willful violations of the Fifth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution. Rather than holding the states responsible for this form of slavery, all pregnant women have become slaveowners.

Like the Democrats’ alleged opposition to Big Oil, Republicans are increasingly not afraid to hide the fact that they not only support Big Pharma’s desire to keep abortion legal, but unanimously support multilateral trade agreements which penalize Catholic-leaning nations that refuse to legalize abortion. The primary election of the pro-abortion Mitt Romney in 2012 is a milestone in this disturbing trend. As we Republicans did with the “states’ rights issue” of slavery in the Civil War, we must again fight this modern equivalent of slavery rather than work for pay by evil men and women who seek to keep abortion legal, funded, and encouraged all over the world.

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