Missing Posts (3 PM: Restoration complete)

My hosting provider was engaging in server maintenance which I was unaware of, resulting in site errors. I tried to restore an old backup while the maintenance was ongoing, and this resulted in the loss of all December posts and site updates.

All columns since December 4, 2012 have been reposted under their original names and dates, so no links to columns should be broken. (All LibertyColumns.com columns are written as plain text files, on either Vim or Elvis, prior to publication on the Web site.) Tags were added to all restored posts.

The week of December 23, 2012 did not have a column, both due to Christmas earlier in the week and an unexpected and unknown health problem which appeared a few months ago. A post on 12/30/2012 noted this, it is long gone.

The post announcing the publication of LibertyColumns.com Library: Volume III (2012, September through December) has been reconstructed (based on excerpts from search engine results) on 1/1/2013.

A press release on 12/9/2012 announced LibertyColumns.com’s sponsorship of Hacking Politics, noting that LibertyColumns.com owner Daniel R. Quintiliani donated over $200 and will be listed in the book as “co-publisher” with at least 11 other top-tier donors. Another LibertyColumns.com press release will be made upon the book’s publication in February 2013. UPDATE: This has been integrated into a memorial post for Aaron Swartz on January 13, 2013.

All pages in the bars above should be up-to-date. The blogroll has also been updated.

No comments were lost (except for two unapproved spam comments).

(Last updated 1/13/2013 @ 4 PM)

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To the extent possible under law, LibertyColumns.com has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Missing Posts (3 PM: Restoration complete). Terms and conditions beyond the scope of this waiver may be available at Copyright/PD Info.

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