The Consequences of Promiscuity & Third-Wave Feminism

Recently there have been some disturbing articles on regarding some rather strange forms of education at Yale.

There are now “pornography classes” which claim to be academic, with assignments including making your own porn (such as photographing your penis) as the thesis. Yale’s “Sex Week” includes promotion and public exhibition of all forms of sexuality, including pornography, “porn star lookalike contests”, promotion of promiscuity among the students, public display of bondage & domination, and more activities which most people wouldn’t associate with “higher” education.

When I went to college (graduated from a four-year university in 2006) much of this was going on, though not to this degree of insanity.

Something which deserves attention is the treatment of women as sexual objects, with the open use of phrases like “slut” and “no means yes”. Also, supporters of protected sex are being jeered at and attacked. In fact, the phrase “sexually transmitted disease” is no longer used, with HIV/AIDS and cancer-causing HPV having been minimized into mere “sexually transmitted infections”, just like a small scab on your arm.

Normally one would think all of this is insensitive and degrading, especially with regards to women. However, the current third-wave of feminism supports treating women as sexual objects, since gold-digging is considered a form of “empowerment” to feminists today. And being in bed with the Left, third-wave feminism considers Judeo-Christian values and faiths to be oppressive, equating them with 1950s gender roles, all while favoring the brutality that is Islam as “personal choice”.

The consequences of all this are clear: man is de-evolving into ape. The glazed-eyed “pregnant teens” on MTV are indicative of the beginning of a destruction of reason, intelligence, and dignity and de-evolution into immaturity, stupidity, and subservience to corporate and governmental authorities.

This is not necessarily a matter of religion or morality. One could be in a monogamous gay relationship, or even the polygamous relationships practiced by the spin-off denominations of Mormonism, and not be a human chimpanzee.

A few months ago I saw a news report on TV about a fad where children are making YouTube videos about choking and strangling themselves (and instructing other children on the “best” way to do this) in order to achieve adrenaline rush. No longer are casual sex or drug and alcohol abuse necessary to achieve oneness with death – you can just kill yourself for fun.

This subconscious obsession with death needs to stop, and soon. Otherwise intelligence and dignity will become endangered, and ultimately, extinct.

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