Mitt Romney: A Loser From Day One

As you know (and probably expected), Barack Obama has won a second term and a socialist blank check. Remember that early in his first term he nationalized failing banks like Bank of America, took over the student loan system, turned General Motors into a union-run syndicalist institution. Later on he seized domain names and, with the help of a Republican Congress, earned the right to kill or deport any American via an amendment to the annual defense budget, that is, the NDAA of 2012.

Drones are being rolled out in our skies through 2020, children are being molested at airports, and Muslim theocracy is being encouraged all over the world, all because of Obama and our Occupy Wall Street Republicans in Congress who fund every liberal program and cause their King demands.

Along comes Mitt Romney, a Clintonite, inventor of forced fallback insurance mandates, supporter of Planned Parenthood funding.
Strange things, including violent beating of delegates by law enforcement, intimidation via secret meetings and contracts, and repeatedly detoured buses, happen to other candidates and their delegates.

All Republicans lose the right to vote for delegates and, indirectly, the entire primary election, via a fictitious “vote” read off a teleprompter at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

The Mainstream Media 1.0, who refuses to tread on Obama’s nastiness, convinces the Republican voting base that this man, a rich white male, who says he is “pro-business”, worked in the financial industry (that is, Wall Street), will win the votes of Democrats and independents. The MSM promoted Romney this way while ignoring the fact that the “independents” who voted for Obama were not politically-minded people who refused to identify with a party, but “Obamaphoners” who were convinced that Obama would remove the worries of gas and mortgage payments from their lives if they were to assist him in the election.

The American people have been robbed of their country. This isn’t about big or small government, conservative or liberal, or libertarian. This is about malicious people intent on destroying the life, liberty, and property of every American, and will lie, cheat, steal, molest, and murder to do so.

Already are our politicians, Republican and Democrat, discussing disarming the defense system and the American people via the UN. This was in planning for a while, with support from Republicans after the “Batman murders”. But with Obama’s new blank check, along with a pro-Obama “Tea Party” Congress, the words “United” “States” and/or “America” may very well not be found in the name of this country by the time Obama leaves office, if Congress will even care to force him out.

Be glad the Internet is still here, allowing you to read blogs and information the pro-Obama “conservative” media refuses to discuss. Ignore “technical difficulties” on C-SPAN when congressmen discuss the NDAA – watch on YouTube or Ustream instead.

From now on, we all will be even further damaged by Obama and the other enemies of the United States and its people. Pray for this nation, and especially pray for the ones you love, because the rest of our lives will never be the same.

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