Flow Chart: The Obama Years, 2008-2013

Last week I was too busy to write a column, suggesting I might "double up" this week by writing a second column (in addition to Monday’s column A Brand-New Economic System: The Scariest Halloween In History Is On Its Way)

Instead of doubling up, I have something better: Flow Chart: The Obama Years, 2008-2013.

The chart is a timeline colored by the year’s prevailing ideology (liberalism blue, conservatism red), with four paths colored by closest political party (DINO & Liberal both blue, Conservative & RINO both red).

Featured are the actions of the four different factions, including the illegal repeal of Republicans’ right to vote for delegates, the pro-Obama activities of our “Occupy Wall Street Republicans” in Congress, pro-Romney election fraud, the neocon coup of the Tea Party, Obama’s class warfare tactics against Romney this election, and what we all know will come of it.

The image is a 1000×1600 large 22KB JPG file, and is waived public domain (CC0 1.0 Universal definition). Please copy, share, spread, and publish this image everywhere you can! Thank you!

Click the small thumbnail below to download the full image, or click here to download the full image.

The Obama Years: 2008-2013



CC0 1.0
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