Hollywood: Harassing American Families, Groveling to Terrorists

Last Tuesday, September 11th, 2012, "Download Martyr" Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a random person who has been made an example of Hollywood’s Mafia might, had her $9250-per-song fine upheld by the 8th Circuit court. Thomas-Rasset was unable to argue that the $220,000 damages levied on her in 2009 were too excessive. She intends for the case to reach the Supreme Court.

On the following day, a mob of Muslim terrorists attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing several Americans.

The terrorist attacks, which led to further anti-American riots in the Middle East, centered around an independent movie entitled Innocence of Muslims.

This film, which has not yet been released except for a brief trailer (which was later dubbed into Arabic), resembles Monty Python’s The Life of Brian, slightly irreverent but nothing too malicious.

(NOTE: This video keeps being taken down or flagged. Just search for the movie name, "Innocence of Muslims")

The video was later dubbed into Arabic, and the movie was jokingly marketed as a 5-million-dollar production by a Jewish real estate developer.

Where is Hollywood?

If our half-American entertainment cartel claims intellectual "property" is equivalent to physical property, and that extortion of money and intimidation of 10-year-old children regarding unapproved use of physical objects is justifiable on the same grounds as self defense, why are they allowing insane religious fanatics to actually destroy and threaten both their properties and their lives?

During the 2005 Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoon riots, Viacom censored the anti-censorship politics of the TV show South Park, also banning a pre-9/11 episode featuring a cartoon Muhammad – from television, the official South Park site, Amazon, Netflix, and other streaming video sites.

In addition to the Muhammad cartoon riots, this censorship was in part due to the violence in reaction to Submission, an anti-Muslim movie whose author Theo Van Gogh had been killed, and Fitna, whose producer managed to escape many death threats and a bogus "hate speech" trial.

Years later, South Park released their 200th anniversary episode, a two-part episode featuring all the characters from previous shows. After the first episode suggested that the cartoon Muhammad would finally be seen the next week, someone from a known terrorist organization called "Revolution Muslim" told Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and others at Viacom to prepare for "likely" violence in the style of Theo Van Gogh’s death.

Viacom reacted by bleeping the words "Muhammad" and "prophet" throughout the episode, as well as a long bleep through the entire "moral of the story" typical at the end of their episodes.

Future episodes eliminated the "moral of the story" at the end completely, mocking anti-establishment figures like Julian Assange and Ron Paul. Also, the anti-Semitic character Eric Cartman announced his conversion to Judaism, with no further character or plot development, or any discussion of Judaism in future episodes.

Hollywood, the great defender of property rights, allowed violent religious extremists to destroy their own property and threaten their writers and producers.

Hollywood needs to leave low- and middle-class American parents like Thomas-Rasset and 10-year-old children like Kylee Andersen alone, stop groveling in the face of Muslim terrorism, and wield their Mafia might against those who truly deserve it.

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