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2016: Obama's America

Tonight I thought I’d go to the movie theater and watch 2016: Obama’s America. The late-night slot was about to be closed, so since I wanted to see the movie before the election, I thought I’d watch it while I still had the chance.

2016: Obama’s America has been frequently promoted during the product placement segments of conservative talk radio shows. I looked up information on the movie, and found out it promoted the theories promoted by Dinesh D’Souza – that being Obama growing up in a family with anti-colonial views influencing his anti-American policies. I was not familiar with D’Souza’s name, but I remembered hearing about someone promoting this idea.

The movie was primarily a critique of Obama’s book Dreams From My Father. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., had died when President Obama was a child. In part due to anti-American sentiment, Obama Sr. had divorced his wife while she was pregnant, moving back from Hawaii to Kenya. President Obama had only briefly seen his father during his childhood.

Obama’s family members were discussed and interviewed. You may have heard of President Obama’s brother George who lives in Kenya, but Obama actually has many half-brothers and half-sisters due to tribal polygamy and divorces.

Many of Obama’s family members hated the Western colonial powers, while others embraced our technological contributions, and values of liberty and democracy. The movie argued that Obama’s foreign policy of bankrupting America while improving the economies and strength of Islamic and other foreign nations is actually a means of revenge against the West, backed by being raised in an anti-colonial family and the psychology of accomplishing what his absent father would have wanted.

Poverty in America and poverty in other nations were compared, the latter obviously being much worse. The stability and economic environment of colonized nations before and after their independence were discussed, with D’Souza arguing that abandonment of Western values and technology made these nations much worse after they became independent from foreign powers.

The movie also discussed Obama’s ideological influences, who he calls "Obama’s Founding Fathers". Weather Underground member Bill Ayers and Hawaiian CPUSA member Frank Marshall Davis were among those discussed. Obama’s massive deficits, anti-domestic-drilling (but pro-foreign-drilling), and anti-military policies were shown with graphs and pictures.

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was how it accepted the official story of Obama being born in Hawaii, and referred to two Hawaiian newspapers which verified his Hawaiian birth to be true. But regardless, I was happy with 2016: Obama’s America, and would recommend others watch the movie as soon as they can before the upcoming election.

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3 Responses to 2016: Obama’s America – A Review By LibertyColumns.com

  1. I really want to see this movie and have heard much about it. However unfortunately being in Australia they’re not screening it anywhere here (that I know of anyway). Hopefully it will be released on DVD or online at a later date. Thanks for the summary and your thoughts on it though.

    • I just typed it into Amazon.com (US), and the DVD will be released here next week on October 16. Says it’s Region 1, though.

      I wish you luck in your search for the movie – if not, looking again at this post, should have been called “A Spoiler” instead of “A Review” because I basically summed up the entire movie.

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