A month or so ago I pre-ordered an item from, only to find a higher charge on my credit card.

Apparently, once the enemy of Internet sales taxes, decided to charge sales tax in Pennsylvania beginning this month.

The tax was not very much, as it only applied to a single item which was less than $10. But there was no reason for it, and I was given no advance warning about this tax.

I recalled reading earlier this summer that Amazon wanted to expand distribution centers into various states, and like many other businesses, are embracing Big Brother. And beginning in September 2012, they had come to the Little Brother who claims partial ownership of me.

Our pro-Obama "Tea Party Republicans" in the House, who have done nothing but spend money on Obama’s bailout programs and Obama’s left-wing causes, are now revisiting Internet sales taxes. Recall that "TEA" stood for "Taxed Enough Already" – now it apparently stands for "Taxing Every American", as they need to tax every American in order to waste money on King Obama, foreign banks, and liberal causes like environmentalist schemes and abortionists.

Somebody needs to do something, and for now at least, that somebody can be you.

As you may know, thanks to a fictitious "vote" read off a teleprompter at the 2012 Republican National Convention last week, all Republicans have essentially lost the right to vote in primaries, changing the GOP into the CCCP, and sending home the Tea Party for good. So it’s not going to come from our replaceable delegates listed on the ballot.

There is something you can do for a while, however – Boycott Go to places like eBay where you can buy things from warehouses and vendors in any state or country you want. (I myself rarely use Amazon, almost always using places like eBay and Newegg.) And if you don’t like the industry, buy used (if at all). Trade with your friends, go to yard sales, and local charities often sell donated items as well.

Barack Obama Che Guevara Poster

As Barack Obama increasingly becomes an unavoidable personality cult in our lives, broadcasting via his Little Red Mainstream Media into our homes and schools, we are losing freedom by the day. Avoid the State and its sympathizers as best as you can while you still have the chance. And if you haven’t already, start today with a boycott of

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