Graduated Suicide: How the “Mafia ISPs” Have DoS’ed Themselves to Death

Several months ago, five of America’s largest ISPs (AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon), and God knows how many others have in secret, signed a deal with the Hollywood Mafia. Under the guise of “copyright protection”, the ISPs have installed a tap for the Hollywood Mafia, and will be engaging in denial-of-service (DoS) attacks against their own customers.

These attacks will consist of “punishing” customers with various types of well-known denial-of-service attacks, including slow page loading times (a la Anonymous), click-through warnings and quizzes (a la “Win A Free iPod!” spyware), and eventually a full termination of service.

The attacks, which they call “graduated response”, begin this weekend.

All of this malicious and potentially illegal activity will be based on mere allegations via neocon-style warrantless wiretapping.

What these “Mafia ISPs” fail to realize is the many ways they can be denied financial health not merely through individuals, but through lawsuits from commercial victims of the attacks. These include:

  1. Lost business hours. Perhaps an employee is engaging in allegedly infringing behavior during a lunch break, or the company has an unsecured wireless network. (Nothing the IT department can do about all those employees with slow Internet/being forced to take online quizzes!)
  2. Loss of trade secrets. If one company’s computer (or someone from the parking lot using an unsecure wireless network) is engaging in allegedly infringing behavior, who knows which computer will be also affected? What confidential activity will need to be explained to shareholders before things have finalized?
  3. Impediments in delivery of goods and services. It becomes even worse when a contract guaranteeing delivery on a certain date is spoiled. (How will this affect the global commodities markets?)

The “Mafia ISPs” should also be aware of:

  1. Shared Internet connections and insecure wi-fi causing mistaken denial-of-service attacks
  2. Cloned or spoofed MAC addresses
  3. Class action lawsuits by multiple businesses and individuals
  4. Corporate policies
  5. Shareholder communications
  6. Nonprofits and charities which deal in sensitive issues (such as sexual abuse, drug addiction, crisis pregnancy, counseling, child molestation, domestic violence, rape, and the mentally ill)

By engaging in DoS attacks for only 7 companies (3 are not American), damaging hundreds of thousands of businesses, and harassing millions of American families (including minors), the “Mafia ISPs” (AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon, so far) have engaged in DoS attacks against themselves – the “Mafia ISPs” are about to have their businesses slowed down with legal claims, settlements, and class action lawsuits from hundreds of thousands of companies.

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