The End of the Internet

Many years ago there was a commercial for broadband in which someone reached “the end of the Internet” and was told to press the back button – offering the opportunities of a broadband connection when compared to dial-up.

But now it seems we are really reaching the end.

Governments around the world are censoring and shutting down as much of the Internet as it can. Whether it be China blocking political dissent, Pakistan, Iran, or Libya enforcing a theocratic religion, North Korea restricting the Internet to an elite few, or our latest player in Internet censorship, the United States, seizing the competitors of its darling, dying, lying Hollywood/Media 1.0 political machine, it is clear the Internet is the enemy of all governments.


The Internet is the enemy of governments for the same reason you are – you get in their way. Otherwise the only governments in existence would be the story of the wicked queen and the movie about the empire in space. Governments of the world have created a monster which is now destroying the concept of government itself.

This is the Internet’s dying days, and a restoration of the propaganda monopolies, the dismembering of infidels, the single-party states, with no opposition or competition except those in prison and death row.

What can we do?

Close your Facebook account. Play an offline game. Play solitaire with a real deck of cards, perhaps learn some other solitaire games not included with Windows. Put on the radio. Put away your Kindles and iPods and grab fully-tangible alternatives which you can completely control, and enjoy yourself. Draw a picture. Write a story or poem. Sing a song, or play an instrument. If you (think you) suck, stop caring and just have fun. Go down to your local church, your soup kitchen, your fraternal group, and do some good for your soul and for your community. Go outside just to walk around and hang out. And if you put on your TV, realize that every news report is at least partially a lie, every cartoon is designed to dumb-down your children, and every sitcom uses vices to keep you feeling as empty as possible to increase the profits of its advertisers.

Enjoy the Internet while you can, because the Internet is being shut down, and someday it will be shut down.

But never let them shut you down. Ever.

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