Obama and Cruz are part of a plan to desensitize us to direct rule by foreign corporations.

Obama born to foreign-born parents, Cruz foreign-born himself, next we have a Chinese citizen co-founder of a Chinese company as President. Who knows, perhaps President Former OPEC Leader will be caught laundering money to terrorist groups? Further evidence of my conspiracy theory is provided by the TPP, which integrates all countries into an arbitration system which penalizes countries unfriendly to business.

But given our politicians ignoring the law (e.g. Marketplace Fairness Act in defiance of the Supreme Court) or stretching the law (prosecution of the late activist Aaron Swartz based on the AG’s opinion about violating copyright even though the owners gave their approval) to benefit themselves or their donors, we can continue to see foreign and transnational corporations put forth candidates of their own rather than buying people here.

And if you take it to the Supreme Court, they can easily rule that “natural born” only applies to monarchies and Catholic clergy, as that’s what the Founders were concerned with when they wrote the Constitution.

You would think Republicans would be against this, especially after the past 15 years. But unfortunately the patriotism of Republicans totally ruin their cause and they go from one “strong leader” to another, rather than wanting to lead their own lives and the lives of their families and friends, preferring the evil of being “led” by Big Government and Big Business instead.


It’s always a good thing when I get together with some of my friends from back in high school that I grew up with. I did just that tonight, for the first time in probably five years if not longer.

I also ran into someone I used to work with years ago. I didn’t stay at that job very long and apparently she left a year after I did, though she was there for 7 years and I lasted 2 weeks. Was also surprised to find out that my parents were familiar with her family, me having mentioned my coworkers at that job numerous times over the years.

We’re gonna try and make this a regular thing, probably monthly. I don’t know for how long, but hopefully it will last.

I’m wondering if I should eliminate comments.

Almost all of the ones I get are spam which I report to myWOT.com and the like. Except myWOT’s new redesign is completely broken, with an infinite amount of scorecards for every path on a site, real or not, multiplied by an infinite amount of non-WWW subdomains, real or not, with entering “http://” changing to “_p_” and failing to load the scorecard page. So I’ve taken a break from that. Occasionally I take spammer’s comments which seem “real”, edit them slightly and filter out spam links and usernames, and treat those as legitimate comments. I love to interact with visitors that find me, though the last human comment on danq.co was in 2014.


Sometimes (a lot of times) I feel like I’ve spent my life kicking tables and chairs and expecting them to tell me their hopes, dreams, and feelings, not just to listen to me talk if they even care to begin with. The exceptions being the generations preceding mine, though we aren’t generally on the same page when it comes to values and ethics, the older the more so.

It’s been a really long week

I’ve been doing some really intense behind-the-scenes work on this Web site, making things better for myself and for visitors. Also, I was able to stand up and figure a way to pull out of the bad situation previously mentioned.

A really long week, huh? Oh, wait. It’s still Thursday. Well? Will Friday and Saturday be considered a second week, or the end of this week? There’s still a lot on my mind and some stuff left to do around the house.

And BTW the “franken machine” from last month has since been replaced with a computer I built that is almost a complete clone of my Windows machine, with the exact same Full HD monitor bought for it. Not much difference other than a bright blue light coming from the tower instead of a bright green light, less hard drive space, and slightly older graphics. Now not only is X much faster, but I can run BOINC on it! (GPU-based SETI makes things too slow though, can’t use that).